About Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis is a world-renowned author, teacher and channel. She has been the primary voice for Mother Earth (Gaia) for over 15 years and has carried Gaia's unique wisdom and guidance to many corners of the globe. Her channeling is rich, clear and profound. Pepper is the author of dozens of audio programs and five books, Gaia Speaks: Sacred Earth Wisdom, Gaia Speaks: Wisdom for an Awakening Humanity, and Gaia Speaks: Solutions for a Small Planet, Vol. I and II, as well as Transition Now.

Pepper is passionate about passing her art on to others and has developed an exceptional program for teaching channeling to every skill level from beginner to professional. Her unique methods are a blend of time-honored traditions with a few new twists on an ancient art. Pepper explains her passion as follows: "channeling continues to be a mutually enriching synthesis of prayer and meditation. In prayer, you offer gratitude and ask, and in meditation you receive answers. In channeling you can do both at the same time. It is the most fulfilling practice I know."

Pepper lives in the hills above Ashland, Oregon. She can be reached through her website, www.pepperlewis.com as well as on Facebook.


Gaia (the sentience/soul that animates the Earth) is humanity's partner, caregiver and creative resource. Gaia animates the planet, gives it purpose and makes life on Earth possible. Her words are soothing and uplifting, sometimes gently stern, endlessly compassionate, a little humorous, and somehow strangely familiar.

We receive Gaia's guidance through the gift of channeling, a form of communication that allows the qualities of higher frequencies and dimensions to be heard and felt in our own language. Channeling is unique in that the messages are designed to touch each of us in an individual and purposeful way. It is likely that you will feel Gaia's energy profoundly and be able to recognize its "compassionate corrections" in several areas of your life.

Gaia is truly the sentience of the Earth. She is to the planet what our souls are to us: a nonphysical pure awareness that is alive, awake and in service 100% of the time. Gaia guides and enlivens all that is upon and within the planet. She animates the air we breathe and the water we drink yet is so much more than that. Gaia's words are warm and endearing, they are the words of a mother who loves unconditionally and does not judge, not even those who harm her out of ignorance or arrogance. Her words are practical and precise, they are meant for this time and for everyone within earshot.
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