Sacred Perú

We are so privileged to be upon the earth at this time and Gaia/Pachamama has so much to share with us! Like you, I wonder about 2012. Could it really be as important as some suggest? What did ancient thinkers and teachers really believe or say about it? Are we interpreting the messages and clues correctly? What can we know or do right now that would be important or helpful?

Our culture and climate are at a tipping point and the world is poised for unprecedented change. We are on the verge of a personal and planetary renaissance. Perhaps now more than at any other time we are ready to see the world differently, and to consciously choose the journey we have been on all along.

Opportunities abound when we look beyond the circumstances and challenges that we have encountered along the way. When we co-create with the energies of the earth everything becomes possible -- enlivened and empowered with a potential we have not seen upon the earth for a very long time.

This year Gaia has guided me to make a pilgrimage; a magical journey to a sacred land that is alive with passion and purpose and becoming more so every day. Peru calls to us and invites us on a passage through time -- first to the past and then to the future. We will see and feel the masculine as it once was, the feminine in quiet repose, and experience the return of both into a time of mutual and honorable respect. A powerful influence for all our senses!

Please make every effort to join me on this journey of a lifetime! Work with me to integrate and expand perspectives, discover beauty and understanding, and experience the kind of direct knowing that is filled with love for the eternal present. Together we will explore the masterful abilities of the ancients, who along with Gaia, will assist us in rediscovering and activating our own.

With deep respect,

~ Pepper

Note: Other than what you see on the beautiful brochure, Gaia has not allowed me to say more about what we will do or experience. We have kept enrollment limited and my hosts and I encourage you to decide to participate sooner rather than later.
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